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Guardian Angels take to city streets & buses for “All Hands on Deck”

Posted in Uncategorized by jmullerwashingtonsyndicate on May 8, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I was riding down South Capitol Street to drop off a friend on Forrester Street when I noticed a large group of Guardian Angels gathered directly across the street from where three folks were untimely murdered on March 30 as part of a larger raise-the-crime-and-murder-rate effort by a group of parasitic dumb-dumb EBT yungins. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a photo with my iPhone, but I’d guestimate they were at least t 10 – 12 deep.

H/t to WUSA9 who beat me to the story here.

Wash Syndicate

As a youngster in the ’90’s I can remember the Guardian Angels patrolling the red line and being received with mixed reviews.

One time a young D-boy challenged a member of the DC Guardian Angels to lay a finger on him. Even though he was a self-professed  “nephew with rocks for my many Uncles”, he openly made fun of the Angels with the support of his young friends. The Angels didn’t respond and instead at the next stop switched cars. On the other hand, I can remember two young people loudly arguing about something meaningless. The GAs boarded the train and an older lady quickly got their attention and asked them to quiet the young people down. As soon as the GAs walked toward the young people they quieted down. One of the GAs then sat directly across from the young couple giving them a stern gaze. The young couple looked the GA up and down and simply got up and moved to the other end of the car. The exited at the next stop. Even though those memories are more than a decade for some reason they left a lasting impression.

Wash Syndicate

Years ago, ’03/’04 I used to see the GAs around the Columbia Heights metro and surrounding area. A young guy I went to high school with, who was always a little off, was amongst the GAs at the time. He was wild and strong enough to bust your head, if he had to. Not sure where he is now, but hope he is well.

And, I saw the GAs down at the baseball games a couple times last year. They didn’t look like too ferocious, but looks can be deceiving. Photos so you can render your own opinion.

Back to the present — with last Wednesday’s shooting on the U2 bus as it navigated its route in East Washington, the MPD, with support of the GAs and ATF, is deploying its “All Hands on Deck” strategy this weekend.

Not sure if this effort will stop worthless, parasitic, social justice marching, EBT dependent, wannabe Lil’ Waynes who need to get their hair cut and learn to write, read, and speak the King’s English from clapping at a young college student who doesn’t give you her phone number — for which you probably wouldn’t even be able to call if your game was tight and you stepped right, because if it’s not the 1st or the 15th – you haven’t paid your Boost or T-Mobile bill.

The Syndicate does not know if the GAs will be given bus passes now as in the past they have been told to pay their fares due to the associated liability issues for metro. Charge it to the game of urban crime fighting.

A great cover story from the old City Paper about the Guardian Angels in the city circa 1998 HERE.

To all, in sincerity, be safe out there.

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