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Is Dan Snyder’s next move to buy the struggling Washington Times?

Posted in Uncategorized by jmullerwashingtonsyndicate on May 3, 2010

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 The Syndicate willingly abstained from participating in the fanfare sweeping the city this weekend with Saturday evening’s 2010 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner where President Obama, intentionally, dropped an F-bomb.   

The WHCA held is first dinner in 1920, and in 1924 hosted the first of its 14 Presidents when Calvin Coolidge attended. Over the years the event has grown and with Camelot 2.0 in power the event has become a must-be-seen-on the-scene for both the long established and the latest faux/ wannabe  Who’s Who of Washington’s power elite.   

Before Saturday’s Post story about the long-known sale of The Washington Times, sources told The Syndicate a pretty interesting rumor…… Dan Snyder is going to buy The Washington Times. The source, who I trust, said it is nowhere near being a done deal and would not reveal any specifics other than from what they’ve seen and heard it is going to happen sooner rather than later.   

When I asked my source from some hard evidence to back up their speculatory claim they gave me some good info, although with a little digging I find the info is not as confidential as they wanted me to think. But it is good.   

For a paper no longer publishing a Sports section and in dire financial condition with subsidies from the Moon family drying up, why would the paper not only buy multiple tables at the 2010 WHCA Dinner, but why would their guests of all people be Redskins owner Danny “Danny Boy” Synder, new quarterback on the block Donovan McNabb, new coach on the block Mike Shanahan, and ‘Skins GM Bruce Allen? (Also spotted at TWT‘s tables were Ward 2 City Council Member Jack Evans, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich with his famous wife, and FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell amongst others.)   

On February 8, 1999 as Snyder was settling into his britches as a 34 year old owner of the team he grew up cheering for, TWT‘s Business section ran a cover story on the boy wonder.   

“He’s absolutely fearsome in his pursuit of goals,” said Philip Guarascio, senior vice president of advertising for General Motors Corp. and a Snyder Communications board member. “I wouldn’t say relentless, because that implies to me a total disregard of everything else, but fearsome. The guy just doesn’t stop.”   

More than a decade of foreshadowing looks like it might come full circle.   

We can accept the move. It would further the sphere of influence of Snyder’s media empire as his Red Zebra Broadcasting is the primary owner of WTEM ESPN 980 AM and WTNT Freedom 570 AM which already broadcasts the Wash Times’America’s Morning Newshosted by long time Wash Times ‘Inside the Beltway’ columnist John McCaslin. Most know Snyder’s longstanding disdain for the city’s paper of record, so we think it’s only right he makes this move.   

You heard it FIRST from The Washington Syndicate.

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