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New Snow Removal Plan for future DC storms?

Posted in Uncategorized by jmullerwashingtonsyndicate on February 22, 2010

Saw this on why.i.hate.dc. The Syndicate feels (as we all apparently should when seeing a woman in a wheelchair shoveling out a bus stop) bad, but then again the woman goes harder than our Mayor so shovel on with your bad go-hard self. We ain’t mad at ya. Does Ms. Wheelchair DC now have an issue in which to launch her Mayoral campaign?

From why.i.hate….

The New Snow Removal Plan for the Nation’s Capital:

Legions of elderly women in wheelchairs will be deployed during the next major snowfall to hit the Nation’s Capital. Here is a quick look at a beta version of this new snow removal system. Armed with their two-foot long shovels and orange safety vests, these intrepid ladies will clear out your neighborhood in no time!

Just took this today – two weeks after the snow began to fall. Wouldn’t it be nice if a wheelchair-bound elderly woman wouldn’t have to shovel through two feet of snow to get on a bus? I know the Washington, DC Government and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority had their hands full with the past blizzard, but this is ridiculous. I filmed her for six seconds then put the camera down to go help her out…but her bus came seconds later. She had to wheel herself out through a driveway.

A piece in yesterday’s Outlook section said Councilmember Fenty would be calling out Mayor Fenty. Yep.

Fenty the Council member wouldn’t have been cowed by a couple of feet of snow. If he didn’t commandeer a plow and run it himself, I would have at least expected him to call a news conference, climb atop one of those grimy, gray snow mounds and give voice to the frustrations of his constituents who are outraged that it has taken the city too long to get to the many streets and sidewalks that remain wholly or partially clogged with snow and ice.

That’s essentially what he did in February 2003, when residents criticized Mayor Williams for not clearing roughly a foot and a half of snow quickly enough. To be fair, that year’s snowstorm wasn’t in the same class as this winter’s blizzards. But the bow-tie-wearing Williams didn’t even get credit for cutting short a Caribbean vacation and coming back to the city in the midst of the storm. Council member Fenty certainly didn’t cut him any slack, lobbing this snowball, as reported in The Washington Post: “The [mayor] for some reason thinks it’s helpful to come on television and announce they’ve done a good job. That doesn’t make residents feel any better when their individual streets haven’t been plowed, and it doesn’t leave me the impression they are measuring this objectively.”

Fast forward to this month, and this is what Mayor Fenty said in response to residents’ complaints: “Our residential plows have been doing a good job, but this is a historic snowfall in many ways. . . . They literally could not have worked any harder.”

Lastly, The Syndicate must give Greater Greater Washington its due respect and props for going hard, as well. When chatter arises about the utility of blogs/social media/etc in shaping the evolution or devolution of our historic sense of community, please look no further than what GGW organized for the benefit of our city to see where and how our keyboards and community can MOB up and MOB together.  GGW for Mayor?

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