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DC Street Poem of the Day_February 17, 2010

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"Sweet Street Dreams Chinatown" courtesy Wash Syndicate


The rights to the below poem were originally purchased by The Syndicate back in 2004 / 2005 from Mr. Henry “Prince of Peace” Hackney, Esq. aka “Hack” in exchange for a McDonald’s breakfast. It is also contained within the play “Mayor 4 Life”, which was performed at the Kennedy Center in the fall of 2007. 

Twas the night before Christmas Oct. 25th, 1989 and all through D.C. 

Not a creature was stirring except Marion B. 

The streets were abandoned as the drug dealers slept 

 Until the Mayor in his limo through Southeast he crept 

 A silver spoon hung from his neck with great care 

 In hopes that Charles Lewis would soon be there 

 And all at once arose such a clatter 

 He halted his limo to see what was the matter 

 He jumped from his limo lickety-split 

 Five minutes later the Mayor was lit 

 He snorted and shoveled that coke up his nose 

 His eyes were all bloodshot and glowed red like a rose 

 Back to the limo he ran like a flash 

 Now that it’s gone let’s go home to my stash 

 Now I heard him exclaim with no hint of strife 

 I’ll snort if I like, I’m MAYOR 4 Life! 


Is the Mayor 4 Life going back to jail?

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Today's Examiner Cover

After nearly 6 months of anticipation, the 107 page Bennett Report was released yesterday.    

In testimony before the City Council Robert S. Bennett, Bill Clinton’s lawyer during the Lewinsky scandal, recommended the Council reform its bylaws and do away with earmarks entirely.  

After previously easing restrictions to help non-profits the Washington Examiner reported in late December that “nearly one-third of the earmark recipients weren’t licensed to do business in the District.”

Stung by the Barry scandal, the council voted to suspend earmarks earlier this year. But the city has spent almost $146 million on earmarks since fiscal 2005, records show.”     

Via the Examiner….     

2005: 2 earmarks, $1.25 million total     

2006: 25 earmarks, $17.5 million total     

2007: 44 earmarks, $29.3 million total     

2008: 99 earmarks, $49.8 million total     

2009: 154 earmarks, $47.9 million total     

Barry has made a real mess; he ruined an otherwise good thing for our dishonorable elected officials and city government. To add lighter fuel to the fire, according to City Desk the Mayor 4 Life pressured the duplicitous Donna Watts-Brighthaupt to duck investigators and solicited “sexual favors” from the project manager of Clean and Sober Inc. and the Ward 8 Youth Leadership Council, two of Barry’s phantom community organizations.     

Bennett suggested the City Council refer the Mayor 4 Life to the US Attorney’s Office while Harry Jaffee asks, “Will incoming U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen prosecute Barry as one of his first acts in office? Doubtful.”        

The Wash Examiner reports, “..the U.S. Attorney’s Office has been probing Barry’s conduct since last summer. Bennett’s report – and the boxes of deposition transcripts – could tighten the vice around D.C.’s “mayor for life.” A law enforcement source told The Examiner that prosecutors hadn’t yet received Bennet’s report but were eagerly anticipating it.”     

Although year after year, in recent memory, jail looked like the only logical destination for the tax dodging Mayor 4 Life, The Syndicate thinks fresh and emerging political leadership in River East is the only plausible answer to the question of what does the city do with Marion B. Defeat him at the ballot box and be done with it.   

Congress Heights on the Rise and the Advoc8te tell us how the “silent majority” in River East really feels here.     

And Now, Anacostia calls the most recent episode in the “never ending saga”, “Ward 8’s Most Public Embarrassment”     

Fox 5’s Ten O’Clock News Video here.     

A good timeline (only beginning on Jan. 18, 1990) of the Mayor 4 Life’s legendary criminal history by Post stalwart Nikita Stewart.     

From WTOPDCist     


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