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When will DC Statehood get the last laugh on “All The President’s Men?”

Posted in Uncategorized by jmullerwashingtonsyndicate on February 1, 2010

While reading today’s Harry Jaffee piece about President Obama disappointing DC Statehood activists, specifically DC Vote that  coordinated 41,000 petitions supporting full voting rights arriving at the President’s Desk, during last week’s State of the Union Address, I though to myself when will the city get the last laugh on “All The President’s Men?”

Momentum for DC Voting Rights has always slowed down one legislative session after the other. This existence, like the movie, is not new.

The movie debuted in early April, 1976. Less than ten days after Metro debuted on March 27, 1976.

I thought this has surely been mentioned by local political columnists…..?

A quick search produced Bill Polman from the of the out-of-town Philadelphia Inquirer.

He reminisced on his ‘American Debate’ blog last February, “In the film All The President’s Men, which takes place in 1972, a roomful of Washington Post editors are kicking around story ideas, and one guy says, “I think we could mention that this might be the time to go to the front page with District Home Rule,” and everybody laughs and scoffs. The persistent editor, addressing his boss Ben Bradlee, says, “Ben, this time it could go all the way,” and Bradlee, bored and jaded, barely musters the energy to say, “OK, well, when they pass it, we’ll run with it.”

The movie knows where to keep the DC Home Rule movement; off the front page and out of President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address.

I guess DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton will have to venture into the Colbert Nation again for a fourth time to advocate for DC Statehood or she will have to wait for “maybe the next Constitution” to vote on the House floor according to Colbert.

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